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Expert vehicle repairs in Whangarei

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Get your VEHICLES oil and filter service and checkover

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At AE Dix Automotive & Radiator Specialists, we believe that we offer car repairs and a service that's unrivalled in Whangarei. We hold such strong beliefs that we have a few guarantees that we offer.

Our promise and pledge is to provide you with experienced and trusted mechanics who deliver outstanding service, at a price you can afford. We are conveniently located near the city centre and offer a range of serving options, including same day service and free quotes. So call or visit us today for more information.
Mechanic working on car repairs in Whangerei
Mechanic working on a tire


We will aim to get your car back on the road as fast as possible. This also means it will cost you the least amount of money. We offer a knowledgeable workforce that provides thorough detailing of your vehicle at a cost-effective price. Call us to find out more about our expert car repairs.

Educated employees

Warren and Alex come with previous years in education, as well as participating in our ongoing training courses. This ensures that we'll be able to fix any problem that you have with your car, be it an old or new model.
Checkout the Towing Roadside Assistance. Customer entitled to two (2) callouts per membership. Check out your other entitlements all FREE  
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